SEO Secrets That Drive Traffic for Accounting Firms

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a hot topic in the accounting profession. Companies have realized the benefits of having a well-optimized site because it can help with branding, public relations, and lead generation opportunities. Having a high ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines offer a number of benefits that can add value from bottom line to almost any accounting business. The challenge with SEO event reviews is that there is so much information available on the subject that is hard to know where to focus your efforts. To make the problem even more complex, most of the material available is written for SEO industry professionals and non-accounting professionals. To help solve this problem, I have pointed out some secrets that any professional accountant can implement to help your SEO efforts.

 How can you help?

First of all, you do not feel that just because you are not a professional webmaster or SEO that there is nothing you can do to help. This is simply not true. Although it will not modify the lines of code or perform a thorough analysis on the server side, there are still things you can do to help. Remember, everyone in the company has a unique role to play in the process. Professional customer service can contribute to the actual implementation of SEO in many ways. To give you an idea of ​what you can do to help, a list of the secrets that drive traffic to your website is. These include:

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Focus on strengthening ties: Link Building an essential part of any SEO event reviews strategy. Search engines determine the ranking of the site in part based on the number of “inbound links” directed to your site. These links are considered a vote for your site and tell the search engine which areas of your business have experience and knowledge. If your site has something to offer on a topic, otherwise why link it? The more voices your site will be positioned on the search engine results pages. Link building is a strategy that can help develop. The next time your company sponsors an event, buying online advertising or writing an article for a publication, be sure to ask for a link to your site. The inbound links that you have, the more directed traffic to your site.

Develop and update your Sitemap: A site map is a page (HTML and XML – types of site code) on your site that provides an organized list of links to each page of your site. The purpose of a site map is to provide users with easy access to the pages that interest them. Sitemaps for search engines help search engines to quickly find and index your site. If you do not have a sitemap on your site, contact your webmaster and make one. If you already have a sitemap, make sure to constantly update to new pages are added to both users and search engines. The easier it is for search engines to find all the pages on your website more traffic to be able to drive to your website.

Help to create dynamic content: Working with your profession site to create content is really not difficult. I do not suggest that you give up several billable hours to write a marketing copy. It’s nonsense! However, there are things you can do to help with this process. First of all, whenever you or other members of the company have a commitment to speak, they attend an association of events or participate in a civic event, take several pictures. Although each image of each event will not be relevant, it will begin to develop a collection that will make great content for your website and social media site. The same can be done with video. If you have a commitment to talk to a professional or civic group network, they have registered. Images and videos generate a lot of content that can be used in different web platforms for your prospects, engaging customers and reference partners.

Investing time in SEO: The best advice I can offer is to keep thinking about how you can improve your website. The days of having an online brochure and a website are gone. So spend an hour a week in the areas described above.